Dominika Kościelniak has been playing piano for 18 years. Through these years she was improving her technique, musicality and taking part in many masterclasses. Dominika studied piano playing at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk under the supervision of Bogdan Czapiewski. In year 2016 she gained her bachelor degree with the best notes.

In the age of 14 she started to take chamber music classes and to play in piano duo and in piano quartet. She widened her chamber music repertoire and fall in love with making music with other musicians thanks to Anna Prabucka-Firlej and Bogna Czerwińska-Szymula. She was taking part in chamber music competitions and festivals.

Dominika Kościelniak was also having classes in accompanying instrumentalists (flute, cello, violin, clarinet etc.). She played many concerts with other instrumentalists in Poland, Germany and Italy.


As soon as Dominika started having singing lessons, she also started accompanying other singers in both opera and song repertoire. She has developed her accompanying skills by Karola TheillInge Susann RömhildBożena Szull-Talar. She also took part in masterclasses carried by Maja Nosowska.

Currently Dominika is working as a vocal coach, mostly in Berlin.


In Gdańsk Academy of Music Dominika gained teaching certificate. This additional pedagogical study contained both theory (pedagogy, didactic method, psychology etc.) and practice (Minimum 150 hours with pupils between age 7 and 18).

She started teaching piano at the age of 17 and continues it in the Music School “MiLaMi” in Berlin,  Papageno Primary School and also as private lessons.

Dominika Kościelniak teaches in german, english and polish languages.